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Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL)

Details about Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury

Mr. Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury was appointed as the Managing Director of Baraka Power Limited on 25 September 2018. Before taking the responsibility of the Managing Director, he was the Deputy Managing Director of the Company.


Fahim A Chowdhury is a member of a reputed business family. He is a person with strong vision and the confidence to take calculated risks required in business. After completion of his graduation he began his career at Birmingham airport, GAP flagship & TFL in order to gain experience in customer service. He then started his own business in different sectors such as a fast food takeaway restaurant, money transfer & travel agent and real estate business etc. in London and in all cases established a strong reputation for his capability and integrity. He completed MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) and also achieved a BETEC qualification in customer service from the City Council of London which established a vast knowledge in building community relationships as well as increased his managerial skills. In the spirit of contributing to the development of the motherland he moved to Bangladesh in 2007 and joined as a Project Director to Baraka Power and subsequently took the responsibility of Deputy Managing Director, Head of Finance and finally as Managing Director. He is one of the founders of an international standard hospital project in Sylhet called “Queens Hospitals Ltd.” and renowned international schools RISE & Eurokids.

Fahim A Chowdhury is also involved in many charitable organizations. Currently, he is serving as the assistant governor of district-3282 of Rotary International. He is the president of the executive committee of Baraka Arabic Learning Centre, President of “Nirjar Shahitta Shongcriti Crira Shongtha”. He is also a life member of Baraka Foundation & Vise President of Sylhet Ideal Society.

Carrer Summary
Director Baraka Patenga Power Limited
Director & Managing Director Baraka Power Limited
Director Karnaphuli Power Limited
Director Baraka Shikalbaha Power Limited
Director Baraka Securities Limited
Director Baraka Fashions Limited
Director Baraka Apparels Limited
Director Karnaphuli Harbour Limited
Director Royal Educare Limited
Director Royal Homes Limited
Director Queens Healthcare Limited
Member Audit Committee (Baraka Patenga Power Limited)
Member NRC (Baraka Patenga Power Limited)