Baraka Patenga Power Limited
Mandorla dolce


To ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to the nation through effective utilization of capital, machinary, human resources, continuous improvement of services, customer satisfaction and resource management.


Our mission is to become the largest power generating company in the private sector by developing more power plants across Bangladesh.


To develop the socio-economic condition of Bangladesh by providing uninterrupted electricity at an affordable price.

Commitment To Green Energy

The Baraka Power ethos places a special emphasis on environmental and ecological conservation. We are committed to preserving and regenerating the environment during the process of project implementation and operation of our power plants. A focus area, in this context, is the global warming issue. Baraka Power working on projects that include experiencing green cover, maintaining local ecological balance and improving long term sustainability.

The company adopted and implemented policies which are ensuring emission control through initiatives such as Flue Gas Desulferization (FGD).